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[curiosity] CCleaner can scan and alter registry on restricted account.

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Is this normal? I am using windows 7 64bits SP1, I have the built-in administrator account enabled and have a strong password set for it. I run everything using a restricted account (for security reasons). I read that CCleaner is supposed to be asking for elevated rights using UAC (which I have enabled) or else it will not be able to clean the system. However, in my case, CCleaner is able to alter the registry and clean the Windows items without elevated rights. (I checked task manager; it is running as my restricted user, not as administrator.)


I have UAC set to the highest level, my windows folder only has write permissions for the administrator account and my registry can also not be changed under my current account using regedit.


How is it possible that it can alter these items, and that it is not asking for elevated rights through UAC as it should?


Thank you for your response.

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The actual version number (digits, not "latest") of CCleaner please.


I do not think applications ASK for elevated rights.


I think it is up to UAC to block what has not been GIVEN elevated rights.


Simple tests, if you enable a backup REG when cleaning a registry key,

Does Regedit then show the key has actually been deleted ?

If you then merge the backup REG is that successful - i.e. is UAC happy to let you.

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I have v3.12.1572 installed.

I have UAC set to the highest level so it does not allow anything automatically.

I think I was simply mistaken though, it seems to clean out only a small portion of the registry and only a small portion of the 'System files.'


When I elevate CCleaner manually (Execute as administrator) it finds a lot more things to clean.


Thank you for your time.

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