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Weird Google Docs Issue


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I have a really weird issue in Google Docs. On a collaborative assignment, my page looks different from my teammates. What I mean is that if my document is 1.5 pages, they see it as just over 1. I have tried this in Chrome and Firefox, made sure my zoom level on the browser side is set to default, and cleaned out my cookies for all of Google. Any ideas what is going on?



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Do all the team members have the same display monitor resolution and aspect ratios ?


My monitor has a glorious 47 cm wide 30 cm high screen area.


I was working on a friends 2 year old Acer Laptop and it was like peering through a letterbox.

I spared her dignity by not taking a ruler to it but it seemed to be about 30 cm wide and perhaps 10 cm high

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Ok, there are multiple things to be aware of here. While you may have tested things from your end, you may want to also check their end as well & ensure that:


- You both have the same OS version

- You both have the same monitor size & screen resolution

- You both use the same web browser, & it is the same version

- You are both running an updated video driver (not basic VGA)


* Incidentally, you may also wish to create a new user account on your computer, as sometimes a setting or settings will get corrupted. Try viewing the docs from the new user account & see if the problem still occurs.


You may also want to try creating a document from the new user account, & see if that affects things any.


Inversely, try creating a very short 1.5 spacing Google Doc from their end, then see if your machine shows it as 1 line. You can see if the problem is with Google or a setting.

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It's not the size issue. If you see the view to pagination, things that appears on my second page are still on their first. I did check their views and I'm the one that differs.

I asked about display resolution and aspect ratio.


I never said it was the size.

I only gave measurements to indicate aspect ratios in case you failed to understand.

i.e. My monitor has a ratio approaching 1.6 whilst my friends Laptop is nearer to 3.0.

Hardware has a profound influence upon what display resolution is usable.


Due to hardware constraints trying to use her monitor was like reading a newspaper through a letterbox.

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