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CCleaner shows Google Chrome installed, never has been...


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In the Applications portion of the Cleaner portion, it shows Google Chrome installed and the things I can clean.

Google Chrome has never been installed on this computer...Ever.


I manually looked through all files in all the places (hidden files included) Google Chrome is not anywhere to be found.

Which is right because it has never been installed, not even Google toolbar.


Why is CCleaner showing it for things to be cleaned such as cookies, cache, etc... ?

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Most if not all CCleaner decisions upon installed applications are NOT based on files (hidden or otherwise)

but on registry keys.


There was a time when I used Google Map.


One day it refused to run unless I allowed it to upgrade some component.

I chose to allow.

Then it required authority to add other needful things and there was no way to stop that without also stopping the upgrade.

So it lumbered me with its needed extras - WHICH INCLUDED GOOGLE CHROME


I restored the previous day's Partition backup image to remove all trace of Chrome,

and then uninstalled Google Map so it would never get me again.


I do not know what Google did to you, but it did it in the registry.

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Google Chrome could be in the registry as Alan stated and since many setup programs include it as a 3rd party app to also install it will create a registry key even if you refuse to install it.


Also Google Chrome does NOT install into the typical and logical location, instead Google beats to their own drum and has it install into the Application Data folder which is hidden. See here:


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DetectFile5=%localappdata%\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe
DetectFile6=%ProgramFiles%\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe
DetectFile7=%localappdata%\SRWare Iron\iron.exe
DetectFile8=%ProgramFiles%\SRWare Iron\iron.exe


Check all of those paths :)

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Thank you folks, Winapp2.ini, the culprit was HKCU\Software\Chromium.

I had looked in all the other places, I had just not looked in HKCU.


Again thank you folks, I just had a nice brain fart :)


Been very busy writing code for a new Linux distro I'm designing, and folks bringing their 'doze computers in for repair. :)


CCleaner does not show it anymore which is how it should be.

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Thank you Winapp2.ini, The new distro will be a competitor to Apache server. I'm a Choctaw Indian, so of course my new server distro is called Choctaw server.


When I am done I will do the desktop version as well. I may call it Choctaw TOT ( TOT = Trail of Tears )

Of course some will think that TOT is meaning the child of Choctaw server, which it is as well. :)

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A dated thread, but a recent problem. 


I noticed Google Chrome had appeared in CCleaner, but it was never installed.  I did previous searches for Google Chrome in the registry and in C:\ drive folders with no luck.  I was about to give up until I found this thread. Yep, found a %localappdata%\Chromium folder.  Once deleted, its listing in CCleaner disappeared as well.


Kudos & Thanks Winapp2.ini !

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