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CCleaner Erases My Passwords


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I suggest more information.


What is disabled, i.e. is it a browser "Saved Passwords" or something else ?

What Browsers ?

Are you cleaning Browser Cookies or Flash Cookies ?

Are you cleaning the registry ?

Which versions of both CCleaner and Windows ?

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Thanks, Alan,


What I've disabled under "Internet Explorer" in the menu is "Saved Passwords." I'm running IE 8, I believe I'm cleaning Browser Cookies. That is what's checked in the list under "Internet Explorer" in the CCleaner menu. All boxes in the "Registry" section of the menu are checked, so I assume, yes, I'm cleaning the registry. I'm running Windows XP Professional and CCleaner version v3.11.1550, which I just installed a day or two ago.


I appreciate your help!



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If you wish to improve cleaning without erasing passwords,

you can experiment by checking those items for cleaning and clean.


Choose one at a time each of the sites you wish to protect.

Run CCleaner to ensure no cookies first, and then log in.

If you find the password was erased get that established again and then log out of that site.

Now without any cleaning action use CCleaner / Options / Cookies and look at the "Cookies to Delete" column.

There you will probably find the password cookie - now select it and click the button to move it to the "Cookies to Keep" column.

Hopefully that will not be erased again.

Repeat for each site.


I am guessing that Adobe Cookies are involved.

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