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Removal of "Language Files" and Folders

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I have been using CCleaner (free) for quite some time now, I am surprised to see that it does not yet have a removal mechanism for various applications "language files" and folders. Can an option for their removal be included in CCLeaner? I only want to keep "English - United States" language files which are 1033. Is this already planned, or has it been not included for some particular reason?


for instance, iTunes, includes a large list of language folders/files pointed to in the registry,




is one of the keys with lots of language file data I have found. Just to view the key on my system 2Ghz, take about a second and a half to view in regedit. I can only imagine how much quicker a system would load if all these unused language files/folders/keys were not on the system.


I would force a save of removed removed data just in case... with an option to restore the removed data at system startup just to be safe, or force a bootabale thumbdrive, floppy, or CD to be created with the recovery data.

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I did just that with an older version of iTunes ...




... but it didn't work for others, and it definitely caused iTunes to break and pop up a "reinstall iTunes" message in later versions. I found that out the hard way.


I might have a look at the latest version out of curiosity, but I don't think this will ever be included in CCleaner.


I'll come back to this thread if I get the chance to have a look at it, and as it's a one-off operation with each version, you can always do it manually.

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I need only two interface language in many programs, i.e. english (1033, enu, en-us) and russian (1049, rus, ru-ru) resource files (DLL's).


I run next cmd file in ccleaner folder for saving only two dlls (lang-1033.dll and lang-1049.dll)


@echo off
del lang\lang-1025.dll
del lang\lang-1026.dll
del lang\lang-1027.dll
del lang\lang-1028.dll
del lang\lang-1029.dll
del lang\lang-1030.dll
del lang\lang-1031.dll
del lang\lang-1032.dll
del lang\lang-1034.dll
del lang\lang-1035.dll
del lang\lang-1036.dll
del lang\lang-1037.dll
del lang\lang-1038.dll
del lang\lang-1040.dll
del lang\lang-1041.dll
del lang\lang-1042.dll
del lang\lang-1043.dll
del lang\lang-1044.dll
del lang\lang-1045.dll
del lang\lang-1046.dll
del lang\lang-1048.dll
del lang\lang-1050.dll
del lang\lang-1051.dll
del lang\lang-1052.dll
del lang\lang-1053.dll
del lang\lang-1055.dll
del lang\lang-1058.dll
del lang\lang-1059.dll
del lang\lang-1061.dll
del lang\lang-1063.dll
del lang\lang-1065.dll
del lang\lang-1066.dll
del lang\lang-1067.dll
del lang\lang-1071.dll
del lang\lang-1079.dll
del lang\lang-1110.dll
del lang\lang-2052.dll
del lang\lang-2070.dll
del lang\lang-2074.dll
del lang\lang-3098.dll
del lang\lang-5146.dll
del lang\lang-1060.dll
del lang\lang-1068.dll
del lang\lang-9999.dll
del lang\lang-1062.dll
del lang\lang-1087.dll
del lang\lang-1057.dll
del lang\lang-1102.dll


I want also clean Opera (%OPERAdir%\locale), Nero, Windows, ATI/Intel/Nvidia drivers from unused files:

* ar-ar*.dll (arabian)

*ch-ch*.dll (china)



...and many-many other.


Keep only \en and \ru folders, files and registry keys.

This save hundreds Megabytes of space!

Can somebody improve Ccleaner for this option (ask for used and search & clean unused language resources)?

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I have been annoyed by Firefox Addon "Xmarks" wasting with its redundant language folders more space than all the useful code from all my other addons.


I no longer get annoyed - "I get even" :P


I cleanup with a script that launches CCleaner after spend a fraction of a second doing a few "odd jobs".


This is the XMarks "odd job"

echo Purging foreign languages from Xmarks

FOR %%a IN (Alan User) DO (
 CD /D C:\Users\%%a\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*.DEF\EXTENS~1\FOXMAR~1.COM\chrome\locale\
DIR | FIND "/"
SET ANS=N & SET /P ANS="PURGE from "%%a" Profile all above except en-US ?  P(urge) / N(o) :- "
IF "!ANS!"=="P" (
  ECHO PURGING  C:\Users\%%a\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\   ...
  FOR /D %%X IN (*) DO IF NOT %%X==en-US ECHO -RMDIR- /S /Q %%X
  FOR /D %%X IN (*) DO IF NOT %%X==en-US RMDIR /S /Q %%X

The above looks at Xmarks within both my Admin profile "Alan" and the general "User" profile.

"IF EXIST F* " will detect any Foreign language starting with 'F',

and that is the signal for purging every language excepting "en-US"


For my XP Laptop only the one current user was cleansed via

   CD /D %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*.DEF\EXTENS~1\FOXMAR~1.COM\chrome\locale\


To preserve both en-US and ru-ru FOLDERS you need something based on

  FOR /D %%X IN (*) DO IF NOT %%X==en-US IF NOT %%X==ru-ru ECHO -RMDIR- /S /Q %%X
  FOR /D %%X IN (*) DO IF NOT %%X==en-US IF NOT %%X==ru-ru RMDIR /S /Q %%X

To preserve both en-US and ru-ru FILES you need something such as

  FOR /D %%X IN (*) DO IF NOT %%X==lang\lang-1033.dll  IF NOT %%X==lang\lang-1049.dll  ECHO -DEL- %%X
REM 	 FOR /D %%X IN (*) DO IF NOT %%X==lang\lang-1033.dll  IF NOT %%X==lang\lang-1049.dll  DEL %%X


I recommend you only remove "REM " after observing whether you are safely targeting the correct files as shown by the preceding ECHO -DEL- %%X


My script takes no time when there is nothing to do,

and when there are "intruders" they are ALL rooted out,

I do not have to specify any (unknown) targets - only known exclusions.

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Artificial neuron network wanted ;)

Or wiki-like filelist for many drivers and software.

For example - some file names from Nvidia international graphics drivers:


nvexpbar.dll - bar=strip (toolbar)

nvrsar.dll - ar=arabian lang. res.

nvrsde.dll - deutsch lang. res.

nvrszhc.dll - china1

nvrszht.dll - china2

nvwrsar.dll - arabian











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