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Sometimes, people have a problem locating the exact (fill in the blank here, such as Office checkmark box) key to uncheck while testing CCleaner.

This may be due to having hundreds of applications installed.


An option to search through the list at the bottom of the tabs, or even a 3rd tab to the right of the other 2 would be nice, to search through the entries & quickly select what file(s) to de-select while testing.



Sometimes, after running a registry scan, people have trouble locating particular key(s) to eliminate, because there are so many thousands of keys listed for removal. Especially after testing hundreds/thousands of programs. After a test of 5,000 apps, this is particularly bad.


Perhaps a search box at the bottom to assist users in finding the right key(s) to remove?

Or even include a registry grouping feature, so that all C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\ keys are grouped together, while the HP Printer directories are grouped together, each section separated by a blank space, in order that users may quickly scroll through entire groups of entries without having to pause.


It is no fun to pause after a page or two, to see if this section has changed, then resume scrolling the page(s).

Having a search box, or at least a grouping function for each "section" of the registry that CCleaner finds, would be very helpful!



For these reasons, I wish to ask for 2 search boxes.

One in the CCleaner section, & one in the Registry section.

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