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Try to recover and get Error: Max lenght....


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Hello from switzerland,


first i am sorry for my bad english it is not my favourite.


I need help with recuva. i deletd on an external HDD files. Recover this with Recuva deep scan. All my files are listen in Recuva.

it will more than 60000 files. i am happy that is clear, but now when i mark all and click Recover and give the place where recover, it shows me an Error: Max lenght exxed


Do i this with one file it recover the file? it is impossible to save more than 60tsd files by hand myself?



is this a error in recuva or what is my mistake that i cant saved all files in one time?



PLS giv me a little help and thx at this time :)



Greets Max

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I agree with Alan's post.


I have not seen this error before, so I don't really know what is the cause. Have you tried recovering a smaller number of files, for instance 5,000 or 10,000? If this works then you might be able to recover all of the files in a small number of steps.

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Is this a space bug, or is this a filename bug?


If you are recovering, be sure to use a short file name such as D:/Recovered, rather than D:/Users/(user name here)/Documents and Settings/etc, etc, etc


Names that are too long will either be truncated, or not be able to be recovered. This is a Windows limit on name length.

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