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Google makes some changes


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I just wish they would stop messing about with their search page.

Fat chance of that... Lucky U!


I also get the prompt to make Google my default browser upon visiting with a browser if I do not have it set as default.

Very annoying...


But I found a way around that. Make that more than one.

Set your default homepage to either:


- http://go.infinise.com/

- http://www.google.com/firefox


By using a webpage that uses Google search, that isn't the actual main Google search, u avoid that nasty prompt to add it as default!

(And also maybe they will stop changing their search page, since these sites use Google Search, but aren't the main Google Search page.)

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What're you up to? :ph34r:


<!-- Start of Powered By -->
<script type="text/javascript">
	var getRand = function(list){
		var s = Math.round(Math.random()*(list.length-1));
		return list[s];
	window.onload = function(e){
		  var nums = ["an army of", "a colony of", "a swarm of", "a tribe of", "a congress of", "a shrewdness of", "a conclave of", "a glaring of", "a basket of", "a starship cruiser filled with", "a culture of", "a cete of", "a sleuth of", "a pack of", "a lodge of", "a grist of", "a hive of", "a congregation of", "a dissimulation of", "a volery of", "a sedge of", "a siege of", "a rabble of", "a chain of", "a clowder of", "a dout of", "a drove of", "a team of", "a parliament of", "a family of", "a cartload of", "a cubic buttload of", "a metric asston of", "a boatload of", "a plague of", "228228746", "a lovely bunch of", "81274", "72735", "a caravan of", "a jelly bean jar filled with", "a LAN party filled with", "a 10 man raid group of", "a pirate ship of", "a bus full of", "a boatload of", "a cubic buttload of", "tons of", "a whole big number of", "uncountable amounts of", "a bakers dozen of", "quite a few", "some", "over 9000", "a battalion of", "a fleet of", "a flock of", "a herd of", "a handful of", "several", "a lot of", "22", "a couple of", "732", "159", "155311", "8675309", "911", "111", "297", "354", "420", "569", "681", "777", "721", "516", "333", "666", "1337", "9543", "42", "156", "439", "80", "7331", "8008135", "906", "69", "10", "2", "4", "8", "16", "32", "64", "128", "256", "512", "1024", "a cubicle of", "an IT department filled with", "a windowless white van filled with", "a school of", "a cult of"];
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		  var nouns = ["musically oblivious 8th graders", "furbolgs", "worgens", "ceiling tiles", "crayola crayons", "Pokiemans", "open source programs", "violins", "kiwis", "LG Phones", "cheesecakes", "javascripts", "goblins", "script kiddies", "mutated mouse genies", "chinese sweatshop workers", "coal miners", "warriors", "paladins", "facebook users", "myspace creepers", "poison ivy vines", "sporks", "hipsters", "spatulas", "pidgeons", "penguins", "software engineers", "men", "slaves", "waffles", "kids that do 8k dps with a 30% buff", "wookies", "mexicans", "communists", "capitalists", "socialists", "marxists", "messiahs", "ponies", "baby seals", "fetuses", "day laborers", "dementia patients", "ground zero mosque supporters", "internet hate machines", "lil' hitlers'", "lil' Joey Stalins'", "dairy farmers", "big brothers", "ewoks", "grues", "D20 dice", "soda cans", "stop signs", "pineapples", "freeloaders", "talismens", "gerbils on wheels", "zebras", "vuvuzelas", "bees", "turkeys", "Will Riley's", "grapefruits", "fruitbats", "atheists", "ears", "skulls", "investors", "doctors", "Dr. Burris'", "inmates", "imbreds", "social workers", "monks", "clerics", "girl scouts", "soccer moms", "math teachers", "door knobs", "crystals"];
		  var div = document.getElementById("phrase");
		  div.innerHTML = "I am powered by "+getRand(nums)+" "+getRand(adjs)+" "+getRand(nouns);
<div id="phrase"></div>
   <!-- End of Powered By -->




I am powered by a conclave of flailing violins


I am powered by a family of unqualified ewoks


I am powered by 16 battery operated door knobs


I am powered by some nonalkaloid fetuses


I am powered by a starship cruiser filled with jewish ears


I am powered by 666 flailing Pokiemans


I am powered by a bus full of enslaved gerbils on wheels


and so on :lol:

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At least they're buckling down and actually focusing on a product that has a chance (G+)


I doubt it. I think it's just going to be a mostly useless thing, mainly exploited by SEOs. Facebook "likes" are no better, but I don't think Google Plus will prove to be much competition.


Also, if they are serious about Google Plus, they better get the code that they provide on their website to add the plus button to be W3C Compliant.

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The +1 button augments their search function and android market too. G+ can be better, but they're sure taking their time making it so. One thing I like is that it uses canvas for the circles feature (and I like when people dont use flash), but canvas seems to stutter when interacting with large numbers of contacts.

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My homepage is about:blank.


That's mine as well, I've used that for what now 10 years or so in my main browser. However for IE which will never be my main browser I have an HTML file I made that links to Microsoft Update, Microsoft Download Center, and Dell Support/Updates, since that's all I'll ever use IE for - unless of course a website I already trust isn't working correctly in Firefox.

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