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Would love a feature to "Move PageFile to beginning of disk"

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  • 3 weeks later...

  • The problem of where to put the page file either at the beginning, the middle or the end of the drive partition would be ok if it was a fixed size. however, here are the issues to resolve,
  • a). The Windows Operating system allows one to change the page file size manually. Moreover, the page file size on disk is chosen typically to be 2x the maximum amount of memory currently installed in the PC, but is limited by the amount of disk storage available.
  • Thus i.e if memory is 8 gigs, but the HDD is 4 gigs then the page file size has to be chosen such that it fits on the HDD. This isn't so much an issue for PCs today.

  • b ). the other problem is when the HDD has sector failures. It could be the few bad sectors are in the beginning, middle or end of the
  • drive. The HDD would remap a good sector in and thus the drive head would have to jump to the good sector and then back to where
  • the other ones are to continue it's paging operations.

I'd like the MFT and page file to reside together too, but one must consider the other factors mentioned above too.

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I don't know how good it would be to move it to the beginning since Windows all by itself can move it by itself, case in point is when using the Recovery Console, etc.


Mines at the end of the drive, but only because I occasionally use a Bart PE boot CD to delete the pagefile, defrag, then boot into normal Windows which will then place it at the end of the drive where it will happily reside far enough away from regular files so as to not get fragmented, etc.

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I'd love to have this option!

There are pros and cons here, but I vote for this option so who wants it and believes it has advantage can use it, the other may skip it, but for those that are stuck to laptops and are limited with amount of RAM this means a lot, especially during crash as it will use pagefile, and when you're stuck with slow HDD and are forced to use pagefile this is very important feature. mikesw explained various cases when this doesn't fully work, but those are exceptions and can't be handled, but that doesn't mean that this one wouldn't help.

Even if PF grows, after restart it will be reduced to its default value which will remain defragged at the begining of the HDD.


I would also like to see an option to add other files/folder in a specific order to the start/end of the disk.

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I don't see the problem with this idea.


If Defraggler would place files in this order:


- C:\Windows -> Fastest part of drive

- Paging + Hibernate -> Right behind C:\Windows

- C:\Program Files -> Right behind Paging + Hibernate

- C:\Users & Documents & Settings -> Right behind C:\Program Files

- All other user files -> Right behind Users & Documents & Settings


* Windows has the majority of the system files. Placing it at the fastest part just makes sense.

* Adding paging and hibernate next makes sense, as you want a computer to respond and wake as fast as possible

* Program files have the next most system files

* Users has the least system files, & more user files

* Various other user files should be last, as well, user files just are not important enough to be at the fastest part of the drive, where they will only fragment themselves between system files & cause slow downs.

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