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Comodo CAV 5.8 shows 2 entries in CCleaner

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W7, x64 Home Premium, SP1. Brand new Comodo Antivirus 5.8. Latest CCleaner. After installing CAV 5.8, CCleaner shows 2 CAV entries in its program list. W7 programs and features is OK as is SlimCleaner's list. Only CCleaner shows multiple listings. I have posted this on Comodo's forums too.



EDIT: See post #11 for a more detailed report.

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I am using Comodo 5.5 and it has never been listed for cleaning,

neither as standard Piriform Target, nor as a Winapp2.ini Target.


CCleaner may zap from %TEMP% the odd Comodo log file, but Comodo does not complain.


Version 5.8 has only just emerged from Beta - I will give it a whirl on a virtual machine before I take the plunge for real.


Bases.cav is the antivirus signature database.

You didn't oughta zap that :o


In version 5.5 bases is held in

C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners

and a copy in

C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Repair


I would guess that sundry Anything.CAV fragments may be created in some %TEMP% as part of the process when a signature update is merged into a 200 MB Bases.cav

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The $.02 remark was aimed at Comdo and not Piriform. I was told over at Comodo that I needed to format my bug report in such a way that I was not willing to spend an hour doing so, but "maybe" the devs would be so kind to look at it anyway................. I have edited my Wilders post to show that.

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Whilst I sympathise with the sentiment of not wanting to spend an hour formatting a bug report for Comodo,

you really ought to spend a few seconds grabbing a screen snapshot and posting here so that we can see exactly what you mean by

"CCleaner shows 2 CAV entries in its program list."


I gained no useful information from your link to Wilders.


You have not even explained if this is your P.C.'s first experience of Comodo,

As standard I believe it is recommended to remove any previous version of Comodo before upgrading to 5.8,

and it is quite common for old registry keys to get stuck and possibly indicate the continued presence of an earlier generation of Comodo alongside the latest.

Been there, Done that, Got the 'T' Shirt.

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My machine is a fresh install of W7 Home Premium x64. Only software ever installed, CCleaner, Comodo 5.8, MBAM, HMP. All drivers up to date. After installing W7, updating it and installing drivers, I installed CAV 5.8 from my USB stick, changed the settings, updated sigs and rebooted. I then went to FileHippo and downloaded CCleaner & MBAM and installed both. Later that day I noticed the double entry of "COMODO INTERNET SECURITY 5.8.xxxx.xx" in CCleaners Tools > Uninstall screen. They were listed one on top of the other. The top entry had a MB size, while the one below did not. I installed SlimCleaner, and it reported a single entry in its uninstall screen as did W7's Programs & Features screen.


Two days later, I re-imaged the computer to just the OS, Windows Updates & drivers. I then installed CFW 5.8 from my USB, Sandboxie and CCleaner. No other software whatsoever. Same result as above "COMODO INTERNET SECURITY 5.8.xxxx.xx" listed twice in CCleaner only. Again, I installed SlimCleaner with the same results as above, regarding SlimCleaner & W7 reporting a correct single entry of CFW 5.8


That night I re-imaged again to the OS/Driver only state, installed avast!, CCleaner, SlimCleaner, MBAM, HMP. I am currently in that config so I can not show you a screen shot. I'm not sure if I can be any more detailed with my report, however, if I missed something, let me know, and I'll try to answer it.




EDIT: I have asked the other Wilders members that are experiencing the issue if they can post a screen shot. If and when they do, I will post/link it here.

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You totally fooled me on that. I was thinking of two Comodo check-boxes under the file cleaning Applications / Utilities

Under Tools / Uninstall I see that I have 131 MB of Comodo 5.3.???

W7 Ultimate Programs and Features says exactly the same.

Comodo itself reports as being 5.5.??? - I prefer not to be first at jumping over the cliff with a brand new product release :rolleyes:

n.b. I also have not yet updated CCleaner from 3.05.???


I prefer old Comodo which did not stick us with a *.msi installer that sometimes went wrong.

Is it possible that CCleaner is not only seeing the Comodo protection software, but also seeing some installer as a separate entity ?

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Previously along with Comodo CIS you could get GeekBuddy on free trial.


Is it possible that 5.8 also has that capability ready for activation,

and that CCleaner may have detected this as a separate entity available for launch and/or removal ?

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I did a custom install and did not install GeekBuddy. I used CCleaner to delete the entry in Tools > Uninstaller List. I chose the bottom entry that didn't have a MB amount figuring that it was the rouge double entry. After doing so and restarting CCleaner, I lost both entries.

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