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New itunes doesn't need quicktime?


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Apparently the new itunes 10.5 doesnt need quicktime.


With iTunes 10.5 or later, QuickTime is no longer included when iTunes is installed. Although media content purchased or rented from the iTunes Store does not require QuickTime in order to play, you may have older media files which require QuickTime to already be installed in order to be played.




Support contact




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That helped some, but the file is still a whopping 66 MB download, which is less than 77 MB or so.


Guess they still include worthless things like Bonjour service, & other things.


I like Apple ok, I just don't like all the other things they mandatorially install for iTunes to work.

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The user should have the option to exclude some apps. from installing.

Indeed then it could be far more appealing for people who don't own or plan on ever buying an "iProduct" to install iTunes as a media player without all the extra stuff they'll never need like all those services.

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I haven't updated iTunes since version, quite some time ago.


I was able to strip the install from 89mb down to 27mb by removing useless and bloated language folders ...




I've no idea if it still installs those ridiculously large language folders, but I'll be having a look at updating if I can get rid of Quicktime.


Nice find hazel.

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I'll say this, it's a nice change that you don't have to re-update your podcast feeds or reset your preferences with the new update.

And the heck with QT, I'm uninstalling it now. It's like a retrograde version of Silverlight. :wacko:

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RIAA tries to stamp out everything that doesn't expressely benefit them. Same with the MPAA. I wish they'd stamp eachother out.

They will.



It's against the law to violate the truth in labeling act.

Which they do, every time they open their mouth.


The problem is, that there are only 2 kinds of selling.

Buying, & renting.


When you buy, it's to own. When you rent, someone else can tell you what to do with what your paying for, because you never own it.



RIAA + MPAA try to claim that you bought something, yet you do not have ownership of the thing that you bought because they own the content, & you just buy the rights to use it. That's false advertising. Double speak. You can't own what your renting. Which is effectively, what they just told you.


Buying is for keeps & you own it. Renting is not for keeps, because the owner can tell you what to do at any time because they own it, not you. The RIAA + MPAA are trying to create the greatest sham of all time, by telling you that you bought it, buddy, you own the disk! Yessss!!!! But we own the content. That's a lie. If they are able to tell you what to do with what you paid for, then it still belongs to them, & thus it is still called renting.


P.S. Ever wondered what would happen if anyone tried to tell the RIAA or MPAA to scram! when the tried to repo a disk? Hey, buddy! I OWN that disk, so just take the content off it it that YOU own, & let me have back my disk, & it better not be harmed. I don't care how you remove your media, just don't ruin my disk in the process.


Urm, no? Foolish, yes? I thought so! Now you truly see how stupid the idea is that you own the CD/DVD while they own the content on it? RUBBISH! They are tied together inseparably! It is impossible to own one, without also possessing the other, simply because they are impossible to remove from each other without destroying either the disk or the content that's on the disk, or both of them!



Wonder how long it will take for someone to sue them for violating the truth in labeling act?

When the RIAA & MPAA try to sell you something, then try to claim they still own it as well, not only are they violating the truth in labeling act, they are also breaking the law against false advertising practices.


Those are pretty serious charges, so someone should take them down with them. Soon.

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