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"About This Mac" / Disk Permissions Bug

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After running CCleaner (AND after a restart) I am no longer able to click the buttons in the "About This Mac" window.




My CCleaner settings are as follows...




It works perfectly again after repairing the disk permissions in the disk utility.




So maybe something with the program is resetting the disk permissions. Possibly the cache cleaning?


Thanks for all your hard work! CCleaner is hands down my favorite Windows utility. I look forward to seeing it fully functional on my mac.

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developers read all threads (especially for beta software) so they should come by soon with comment. What an icky bug

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Wow! Seeing the simplicity & the awesomely cool design of the Mac version of CCleaner makes me drool...





On a side note, just logically reasoning here, I was wondering what might cause the problem.


Logically thinking, you would not think a 3rd party app that CCleaner cleans would cause the problem, so you are left with the Mac OS X tab to look through.

And out of that, System area seems the most logical choice.


I wonder, perhaps, if it is Directory Service Cache setting that might be causing this?



Could be wrong... Wish I had a Mac to test on.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Interestingly enough, I am no longer able to recreate it either. I only could attribute the change to 2 things. I recently upgraded my iMac to 8gb of ram and QuickTime is no longer on my applications list in the program for some reason. Other than that, everything else is exactly the same. It's so odd! I haven't run any OS updates either since my original post (still running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and have updated no components). I guess the only other thing I've done is run program updates using MacKeeper, but I don't see how that would affect CCleaner at all. Sorry I can't be more help. Bugs are just resolving themselves on my computer. Nbd. Hahaha.

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