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Flash (+ real Player warning)


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New flash version available. Both IE and other browser versions can be had at FileHippo





other browsers firefox, opera




Check your version out in your control panel, flash control, advanced tab.


This update seems to be telling users about a conflict with RealPlayer


Possibly even if you have Alternative RealPlayer in a codec pack.


Seems like it's a warning about RPlayer version 11 rather than a blanket warning on all Real Player/Alternative Real Player versions.


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I just installed the new Adobe Flash and had no such problems.


You may want to consider upgrading to RealPlayer 14, which have on my system and use all the time. It plays nicely with most other applications. :)

"When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other."


--Eric Hoffer

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I had no problems either, it installed despite the warning. that is why I suggested it may be more of a warning than an issue.


I don't use Real Player, although I may have Alternative real Player installed which it detected perhaps :ph34r:

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