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Is there life after death?

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Has anyone ever had weird things happen to you?


I have had sleep paralysis 3 times. All in the same week. Never happened before, or after then. But I know it's real. Happened when I was about 25 or so...


Also had where I have been in one house before, where everyone was at least 8 ft from the nearest light switch, then I heard it click off. But the switch could have been in the halfway position....


I don't know if anyone else up here has ever experienced sleep paralysis, or some other experience such as an NDE/OBE/Astral Projection/Ghost/UFO sighting/Doing something, & suddenly remembering it before you even do it, as though u may have had a past life or something...


Would be very interesting to know what people think.


P.S. Have not tried this, but had 2 friends who swear they visited a supposedly haunted gravesite, then about 2 weeks later, both of them claimed they saw dark shapes moving, almost like figures, in the corner of their eyes from time to time for some time afterwards.


I personally have never seen a ghost or spirit, but I when I had sleep paralysis, it was so scary, because I could not move my arms/legs/fingers/toes, or even talk for about 30 seconds to a minute. Very scary to not have control over your own body!


If u have had any scary or weird experiences that puzzled you, or make you think there may be an afterlife, please post your thoughts & feelings! I would love to know more about areas like this, & people just fascinate me!

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Other than the star-stuff leftovers like atoms, etc., that make up our bodies which will again be recycled over and over into the universe I'd have to say I'm a non-believer - but then again I'm alive, but then again this could all be an illusion.

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Is there life an after death?? who knows.


One thing is for certain you would have about as much luck proving the existence of God as providing the existence of an after life.

No one has every truly died and come back to life to tell so I guess we'll have to wait and see when our time comes. :blink:


Richard S.

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:lol: I'll believe in afterlife when science produces solid evidence. Until then I conclude it's simply wishful fantasy. Enjoy life now.

If one of your dead relatives came back to life and cooked you a meal,

your would not believe it until a scientist did tests and confirmed it :)

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No one has every truly died and come back to life to tell

That is your belief - not a fact.


I hold the opposite belief - as per King James translation of the Bible, The Acts of the Apostle, chapter 1 verse 3 :-

To whom also he shewed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs,

being seen of them forty days, and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God:


That refers to Jesus Christ, who is both God and Man, who died that we have peace with God.


That has some authority in that Courts of Law accept statements sworn under oath with hand on Bible.


My belief started with what I was taught as a child,

but my faith has increased with experience of God throughout these last 60 years,

and not been damaged by science.


Posting now before this topic gets locked :rolleyes:

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