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A good page here giving info, plus it shows whether you are using IPv4 or IPv6




Andavari's suggestion to ask your ISP is a good one, however very, very, few of them have adopted it jet. Also as far as I know IPv6 traffic will be dropped by an IPv4 router as it doesn't understand it.



Also, as you would expect, Microsoft has a fix-it for this :)



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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I have no answer, but here is a question to consider.


If IPv6 is enabled,

Will all Firewalls both present and past have the same protection against incursion that they hopefully provide for IPv4 traffic.

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Protection against what??


Network routers provides a level of protection due to the way NAT works (network address translation).

Unless you have port forwarding rules defined all incoming connections would be discarded IPv4 or IPv6.

Also if your router or Operating System lacks IPv6 support there is nothing to interact with IPv6 packets.


Richard S.

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The way I look at it, if your network is NT6 based and your systems have the ability to use IP6, great....but if the router does not understand it, why use it?


redhawk....you and me don't need IP6 on our home networks. The reason for IPv6 is that they were running out of IPv4 addresses....and that was back in the 90's when I was taking college classes. I don't think they ran out yet, but I haven't looked into it.

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I remember reading about the hazards to an IPv4 hardened system if IPv6 found a soft underbelly.

There were concerns that people using old firewalls that were not designed for blocking IPv4 malware might let through IPv6


I have just received "About 601,000 results (0.23 seconds" from the search phrase

ip6 defeat ip4 firewalls


http://www.suggestaf...php?t30548.html dated 2008

http://www.techrepub...by-default/1955 dated 2009


Beware Greeks bearing gifts.

beware IPv6 if your system and security are not up to the job ! !

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First of all to exploit a computer it must have something to exploit however with a fully patched system there is nothing to do apart from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks which is nothing more the petty vandalism.

All these security scares about ID theft, rootkits are internal jobs i.e. malware running on your computer from using infected software, bad email attachments, accessing dodgy web sites (porn bait) or proxy networks to bypass restricted sites.


So the way I see this it doesn't matter whether or not your Operating System or router supports IPv6 it won't change the security risk of your computer the only issue would really concerning software based firewalls and using a direction LAN connection.

If your computer sits behind a router it's NAT would still provide you with the best protection for incoming traffic with or without IPv6.


Richard S.

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