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That seemed to be par for the course Alan, as we had 3 before we found a good one.


Probably something to do with those faulty 64K chips.


@JD I forgot all about the 128K Spectrum, the one with the proper keyboard.

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@JD I forgot all about the 128K Spectrum, the one with the proper keyboard.

Yeah was the one between the rubber keyed first one and the Spectrum +2. Still have fond memories of games like Bionic Commando. And going down to my local corner shop that sold games for between 99p and £2.99 :D


Another favourite was R-Type which I THINK I've owned a version of for every machine I've owned. 25 years and still not bored of it, lets see if anyones saying that about Modern Warfare et al in as many years time ;)

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When I was around 10 years old my dad bought the family a Commodore 64 he wasn't much of a Speccy fan unfortunately. :)

I'm kind of glad he did though because the graphics and audio capability was way ahead of the other machines at the time.

It was also my first computer that inspired me to take up computer programming and to dabble in some 6510/6502 assembler code.

Sadly the poor thing was put away in a box for many years while I concentrated on other things more important like school and university.

Then came the age of PC emulators and with clever software you could turn a lame 486 into a working Commodore 64 home computer.

Not only that but games could now be download from the internet, games ripped from tape and save to tape with software too.

Like others who loved their home computers I made my own small contribution the Commodore 64 community in various ways. ;)


Favourite games: Wizball, Rambo First Blood Part II, Outrun, Mayhem in Monsterland, International Karate, Ghostbusters (with digitised audio), Yi Ar Kung Fu, Hyper Sports.


While emulators are certainly fun to use you cannot beat having your hands around a real joystick and playing on original equipment. :lol:


Richard S.

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OK...you guys got close with the 8 track. 8 Tracks had a tendency of loosing its track...Double Tracking. We constantly had to disassemble and used a phillips screwdriver to adjust the heads. Some players came with an access hole so you can put a screwdriver in and adjust it without disassembling. The ones without a hole had one manually added. ;)


I have a Panasonic stereo upstairs with a beautiful backlit green and white dial and a REAL walnut wood case and matching speakers, sounds fantastic, bought it in 1970 for a whopping $99.99 plus the matching 8 track player for $49.99 both still work great. Only problem is my over 100 tapes tend to come apart at that silver strip that held the tape together.


Also have well over 100 cassettes, 3 still working VCRs (I also can work on them if necessary) , boxes of VCR movies plus you can find them really cheap now.....just not new titles BUT I still can record shows when I want to do so.


Now how many of you had this:


I love sports, premium cigars, among other things....GO BROWNS, INDIANS (yeah I'm a die hard), BUCKEYES, YSU, NAVY.....and ND.

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