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cleaned data still visible on network?


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Dear all,

I am not sure about the following. appreciate your expertise.

I have a laptop from work and run ccleaner from USB. the data is cleaned on the local pc.

However, when i surf at work and when i'm logged on the companies network... Are the network administrators still be able to trace what sites you have accessed to ? or is the info only logged on the local PC and nothing logged on the network computers ?


in other words, when you use ccleaner and do the job, is everything completely gone and unvisible ? Can they still trace after a ccleaning, what site have been accessed, how often, when, and how long ?


Thanks in advance to clarify.

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Thank you Winapp2.ini

Next question is then. can they also see it when you surf at home (in other words, Not being connected to the network)?

1) When you not have used ccleaner ?

2) after you have used ccleaner ?

If so, what is the real benefit/purpose of running a cleaning tool ? just to keep your pc clean(er) ?

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When connected at work they can monitor your network activities since you need to connect to their network.

At home you're using your own network, however that not to say they're haven't install tracking software or backdoors.

The bottom line is if you're doing something naughty or against company policy I wouldn't risk your job over a company laptop.


Richard S.

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Hello guys,

Thanks for the info. This is what I was after.

i'm not doing anything what is against company policy apart from sometimes a 5 minute break and having a look at the news or sports. If they want to kick me out for this, they should kick out everybody in the company I guess. :-) So from that point I don't see a problem.

And yes, for sure I definately see a faster PC when using ccleaner from time to time. So thanks for this nice program.

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