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So many Firefox versions...

Super Fast

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Hey craig.


What you doing with yourself these days? Still dabbling with deviant art (that sounds terrible). :lol:


Yea, there's one or two there. (Pleased they're not actually mine).

Hi Dennis:)

I still drop by on a regular basis, but I don't always log in :rolleyes:

Haven't or don't have as much free time these days unfortunately:(

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So many Firefox versions, so little time :lol:


I don't know why people are obsessed with Firefox beta releases it's not like you're forced to install every new version I'm sure Internet Explorer is no different at Microsoft except we (the general public) are not invited to test them out.


I didn't have many questions, just wanted to know which FF features made people want to use it as their default.

I guess you could argue IE vs Firefox vs Chrome vs Mozilla till the cows go home I think most people prefer their browsers because they've become accustom to them and reluctant to try new things.


I've been using Firefox for many years as an alternative to Internet Explorer (and Netscape before Firefox) because to be honest Internet Explorer prior to version 6.0 had been nothing but a pain in the arse and BHO collector.

While it's true Firefox may not win the war on rendering speed which is frankly negligible, I like the customised themes and plugin capabilities you feel like you're in control of your browsing experience.

I can decide which sites use Java Script with a plugin, I can block annoying adverts and pop ups thanks to plugins (if you've visited MySpace you know how ad-infested this site is).

The list of possible plugins is endless with Firefox but you can get the general idea though and this is what appeals to me.


Richard S.

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Once I finally got on the internet, all I saw were ads. If you didn't know about Google you were pretty much screwed.

After having Internet access for one month back in late 1998 the first thing I bought on the Internet was some ad blocking software to block the horde of Internet ads, it worked very good and from that point on I've blocked ads.

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We were all into Amiga's years ago (Sensible Soccer), and my mate down the street decided to get a PC. A group of us all thought he was a traitor.


And he didn't get onto the internet for quite some time, but I do remember the constant barrage of pop up ads. Some pretty nasty as well.

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