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I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to many people that post on CCleaner Forum. Although , I haven't posted here for about 6 months , I have been fairly busy.

I am not sure many of the people can remember me but I started posting on this forum back when I started to have problems with my home desktop PC ( Win98 OS) and also my dinosaur NT at work..Well , to make a long story short , since then I have a new home desktop PC and a new P-4 work desktop. :)


Here are some stats on my home desktop :


Gateway (refurbished) 700GR desktop

Intel P-4 w/HT technology

1.0 GB Ram (expandable to 2.0GB)

250 GB HDD

Radeon ATI 300XSE video card

Win XP Home OS (sp2 upgraded)


Anyway : here are some of the people I would like to thank for the many frustrating hours spent trying to upgrade and troubleshoot some of the problems I have had with my old Win98 OS..... If I have left anyone out , you know who you are , please accept my gratitude and thanks.. :)



Tarun ( special thanx for the hijack log analysis)

Twisted Metal





Eldmannen ( thanks for the 2 cents)

Mr. Brownstone

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Haha, thanks me! oh thanks!

First someone thanks me! :D


<dances around>


I am so happy!






I really cannot distinguish whether you are being sarcastic or serious....

If you are serious...Well thanks again...


If you are sarcastic .. well you need to work on taking a compliment better.... :)

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