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CCleaner is a great piece of software. I have used it alot, but just a minute ago I realized how important and useful it is.

Can you live without CCleaner? ;)


Plenty of applications put traces and crap behind them even when uninstalled. When I remove a software from the computer, I expect it to completly removed with no trace what so ever that it was ever installed, after all, I removed it.


If things was optimal, every computer software could leave no traces behind it after it was removed. But that is not the case, and that is one thing that makes CCleaner so good and useful.


I think that it is important for me, that no matter what I installed, after I removed it, it should completly vanish.


CCleaner really is good for cleaning the computer of obsolute things and to keep your privacy. On computers that hasnt been cleaned, you can find out what software, a user have used several years after it has been uninstalled. That is pretty crazy that there are still traces several years after a software has been removed from the system unless its been reformated.


Doesnt hurt to say it twice, but CCleaner is really great for clean and keep privacy. A while ago I didnt know about CCleaner and did not use it, now I cant imagine running a Windows computer without it.


I think that CCleaner should emphasize computer cleaning, security and privacy to the extreme.


Ideas to improve CCleaner would be.

  • Able connect to website via SSL (https://) secure connection.
  • Signing of binary in MD5/SHA1 cryptographic hashes or with PGP key.
  • Application written in C++ instead of Visual Basic.
  • Open source, after all how can you trust what you dont know?


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CCleaner doesnt remove every trace of the uninstalled programs. i have to do that myself by cleaning out the registry's Software keys, the Application Data folder, the Common Files Folder, the Program Files folder, and sometimes others. if you do this, you might be able to give a +5GB to your HD's storage space like i did.


edit:@Eldmannen's ideas

- what's the point of connection to the website via SSL. all that would do is make MrG pay more money for the website(SSL costs plenty of cash).

- again what is the point of using hashes? are you gonna send em over the internet using encrypted email?

- i dont think it will every happen because it would take MrG far too much time and besides, what's wrong with Visual Basic(besides the fact that it's a kiddy language)

- very nice idea :)

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SSL doesnt have to cost anything, you can make a self issued certificate. It would allow me to be sure that I connected to the real CCleaner website and got the real executable. It would also make it possible for me to securerly login to the forum, many people are members of many forums and use the same password in more than one place. It would also prevent snooping of what part of the website, what I do on the site, what I read and write.


With hashes I can verify the data integrity of the executable to besure that the download by me was successful and that the upload of Mr.G was successful and provide me some sense of security and control.


VB as you said is a kiddy language, beside that using C++ would get rid of the of the dependency of VB Runtimes DLL (vbrun*.dll). VB is nothing but a vendor lock-in kiddie toy language. C/C++ might also provide higher performance.

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I thought CCleaner did remove the software registry keys?


Oh well, I love CCleaner, it is great that in a few seconds you can clean alot of things quickly and efficiently with very little effort.

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Well, here I am… my first post! I’ve been using CC for a little while and (so far) I like it.

Nice to have discovered this forum as well. Gives me the opportunity to ask the CC gurus all sorts of interesting questions. So far I have non.


But since this is the Lounge, where “everything goes”, Merry Christmas!

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