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I remember using ccleaner for Windows before I came to use a Mac computer.


In it, I remember something about there being a feature where you could wipe your free space and it could have up to 35 passes of a file for extra secure deletion.


I also remember that you could scan the caches, etc, and do a secure delete on them as well (up to 35 passes, more secure.)


I am wondering if the final release version of ccleaner for Mac will do those things.


And I am also wondering if instead of only up to 35 passes, it could do double that? Even if I only see up to 35, I will be satisfied. :D

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The 35 passes are non-identical and were designed by Guttman.

You would need to get Guttman to invent another 35 passes before 70 pass Guttman could be supplied.

Guttman designed this for use on different technology in a different era, and does not consider it relevant to modern technology.

I doubt that he would be interested.

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One pass with zeroes is enough to prevent any quantity of data from being recovered.

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