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Would love to see a checkmarkable toolbar in Recuva.



While searching through files, a user may decide they do not really need ALL the results.

Would be great if it had a checkmark system at the top of the toolbar, where a user could checkmark options to only show Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc, & Recuva would adjust accordingly to hide the rest of the entries!


This would vastly simplify things. Yes, Recuva does have a documents, pictures, videos, etc. search before you begin, but sometimes people choose to search for all files, then end up with a ton of them!


Additionally, would be great if there is a filter box users can checkmark to hide results that have a low probability of being recovered (red), as well as orange, if they so choose!


This would make the main focus on the ones that have the best chance of recovery, & simplify searching!

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Use Advanced Mode, then select whatever you want in the Filename/Path dropdown list. You can also sort on the State column (and all the other columns too) to bring the Excellent status files to the top of the list.


Whatever option you choose Recuva always selects everything then filters according to your wishes, so scan once then play accordingly.

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