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[Drive wiper] Did not wipe all free space?

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Today I installed CCleaner and after using it to clear cookies and temp files (ie: regular cr@p), I decided to wipe the free space on my hard drive, the reason I downloaded CCleaner.


I went to:

Tools > Drive Wiper > Free space only/ Simple Overwrite (1 pass), selected (D:) and clicked Wipe.


My data (D:) has about 260GB of free space, so I expected quite a long time of overwriting.


However, at first the percentage bar was increasing rather rapidly, but the remainting time was also increasing (instead of decreasing).


After a while, it changed to: .....MB of 200MB. That number climbed until it was 200MB and then the wipe stopped.



What happened there? Why did it wipe only 200MB, and not all 260GB?

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Edit: You need to supply more information:

1. Your Windows operating system version.

2. Version of CCleaner you're using.

3. Other resident software that's running such as the antivirus you use, etc.


Maybe try this, although I don't know if it will help:

1. Start CCleaner.

2. Click "Options->Settings" then under "Wipe Free Space drives" select the drive(s) you wish to wipe the free space on.

3. Click the large Cleaner icon at the upper-left, then under "Advanced" tick/enable the box "Wipe Free Space".

4. Once Wipe Free Space has finished then under "Advanced" untick/disable the box "Wipe Free Space".


Possible reasons Wipe Free Space may not work could possibly be other running software interfering.

Edit: Also maybe running a ChkDsk on your computer may help.


Personally whenever I use it I:

1. Disconnect from the Internet.

2. Turn off real-time shields in my anti-virus/anti-malware - which could possibly be the biggest interferer.

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