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I noticed that windows XP whether it be professional or otherwise there are problems out there with this software. I'm Currently using a Dell dimension 3100 it's about six years old when I try to use this software it only freezes up and locks up my computer not really sure what the problem is at this time I think I'm just going to uninstall it and maybe they'll come up with a fix any suggestions would be helpful

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Speccy gets most of it's data from WMI queries however it does low level probing of hardware i.e. graphics cards and hard drives.

It's possible that you have hardware or drivers that don't appreciate being probed and thus your machine freezes.

You could try running Speccy with /debug parameters and see if the logs could indicate a possible culprit.

Start, Run: "C:\Program Files\Speccy\Speccy" /debug (run with included double quotes as shown)


Richard S.

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