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Font Changes in IE & Outlook Express


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Hi Everyone. I'm new to CCleaner (I love it!) and am experiencing a problem that I have not seen addressed in this forum. Maybe it's here, and I just missed it, so please excuse me if I'm being redundant. After running CCleaner the fonts in Outlook Express and IE have changed - even though they indicate that they haven't changed.


For instance, while I'm typing this the font is in italics - yet the font is not set for italics. This is effecting the web pages I view and the e-mail messages I create and read.


Can you help? I've run CCleaner a total of 3 times with no luck. I've read on this forum about "Firefox" and problems with it being open. I don't know what Firefox is. My OS is Windows 2000. Any help you can provide will be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


Jackie :rolleyes:

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