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error: insufficient disk space

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When defragging with the latest version & the option "move large files to the end of drive during whole drive defrag" on, I get the following error:


"Processing aborted due to: There is not enough space on disk."


I have not yet tried it without the option on.

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Shaggie, we could help you better if we saw a screenshot of your map...



I should have mentioned that I have 12.5GB free, and the defrag completed successfully with that option off.

Here is my screenshot (it is after another attempt with the setting on even though I had already defragged completely with it off):


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A hard drive lacking in contiguous free space (not to be confused with space free) won't defrag because there's nowhere to move files and keep them contiguous.

If you still need to defrag C drive you should move all nonessential files to D drive, defrag free space on C drive and then defrag C drive.


Richard S.

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