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Non-standard Opera Path


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I've installed Opera to a non-default directory (C:/Internet/Opera):






Start using C:\Program Files as rridgely has already suggested!


In the meantime if you don't want to uninstall Opera and lose your settings which is always a pain input this into CCleaner's winapp2.ini file if it doesn't already exist. This is for the Opera setup for single user usage, it won't support the Opera setup for multiple user profiles, it's a sloppy way to have CCleaner clean something it already would do fine with if the program was installed in the proper location:


; Application Cleaning file; WARNING - DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING;; Copyright ?2004-2005 CCleaner.com, All Rights Reserved.; This file and it's contents may not be copied or distributed; without the express permission of the author.;; Notes; ---------------------------------------; LangSecRef; ?3021 = Applications; ?3022 = Internet; ?3023 = Multimedia; ?3024 = Utilities; ?3025 = Windows; ?3026 = Firefox/Mozilla; ?3027 = Opera[Opera 8 (Single User)]LangSecRef=3027Detect=HKCU\Software\Opera SoftwareDefault=TrueFileKey1=C:\Internet\Opera\profile|COOKIES4.DATFileKey2=C:\Internet\Opera\profile|cookies4.dat.sbsd.bakFileKey3=C:\Internet\Opera\profile|GLOBAL.DATFileKey4=C:\Internet\Opera\profile|OPERA6.ADR.SBSD.BAKFileKey5=C:\Internet\Opera\profile\CACHE4|*.*FileKey6=C:\Internet\Opera\profile\cacheOp|*.*


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