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The main site has been redesigned slightly as the old style was getting a bit dated.


Hope you all like it. :D


(I'll update the forum later today)







Very nice, clean interface. Well done!

..........and Make yourself a Great Day! Cheers, Lyle

Keep your software up to date


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I've just used CCleaner for the first time, and am very impressed with the user interface. Amazingly comprehensive, easy to read and fast - almost seems too good to be true !! I've looked for something like this for some time, and though I'm not terribly computer literate, my intuition tends to lock on to the right 'things'.


Am interested to see how things progress from here on. Nice to have a forum to discuss any issues from time to time. Very much looking forward to using CCleaner in the future. I'd genuinely love to donate, but at present I am broke, even before Christmas has come around. My apologies there !! Also, another way to donate other than paypal would be helpful, i.e. credit card direct. I stumbled upon a website some years ago which was critical of paypal, and had numerous detailed horror stories of dealings through paypal (I recall it had the word 'paypal' in the address). Anyhow, at a later date I'd like to honour this neat little bit of software with a donation - I think it deserves it.



It should receive similar status with Zone Alarm, and Ad-Aware relatively quickly.




Celticpilgrim, New Zealand


P.S. have bad feeling I've posted in the wrong place - oh well!

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