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Sound like hard disk scratching


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Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2

Antivirus: F-Secure

Firewall: Softperfect Personal Firewall

Lately my computer is making a sound like the hard disk is been scratching.

Most the time occur when I m online in the Internet and sometime happen even I am not connected.

I was run the ?Ad-Aware?, the ?Microsoft Anti-Spyware? and the ?F-Secure?.

In all this programs when the folders ?Application Data? and ?Temporary Internet Files? are been scanned they make that ?scratching sound?.

In the ?Internet Explorer? in the ?Tools? - ?Internet option? ? ?General? ? ?Temporary Files? appears the same sound of ?scratching? when I press ?Erase Files? button.

With ?Webroot Window Washer? when the item ?IE Cache (TIF)? are scanned appears the same ?scratching sound?.

In all situations when the sound appears the PC is temporarily froze.

How can I solve this problem?

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If your hard drive is making scratching sounds, use it as little as possible. Call the computer manufacturer if you're still under parts warranty and they may be able to replace it. If your hard drive is indeed going bad, you will want to back up all of your critical data immediately.

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