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When logged in as Administrator: Clear all of Windows Profiles

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The CCleaner not have a great function:


When logged in as Administrator, the CCleaner could clean all of Windows Profiles when pressed "Run Cleaner" (Cleaner Section) and "Fix Selected Issues..." (Registry Section). In "Tools>>Settings" could be a option to choose if the user want clean all profiles (when logged in as "Administrator") or not.

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CCleaner has always been free and suitable and safe for the average user, and never been stripped down.


An enhanced version has recently become available which gives more power of the type which you may desire.

This too is suitable and safe for Network/System administrators who know what they are doing.

It does however merit and require payment.

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I bleieve what Alan_B is referring to is this http://www.piriform.com/business/ccleaner-network-edition


However for the casual, small business or home this is NOT a viable solution.


Many people have requested this for the smaller free version and Those of us who are around the most agree that this feature is a Very dangerous one.


Most people, especially XP users run their machines as an Administrator account. Most people tend to just auto clean their PCs with ccleaner as opposed to looking at what they are cleaning. Do you really want you mother/father/sister/brother/wife/husband cleaning your cookies.


IF you are a small business administrator and, like me, aren't able to afford ccleaner network, but do need to clean cookies and cache and what not with out allowing your user mess with things, then your best bet is http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=14936

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