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"Replace Windows Disk Defragmenter"

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Today I was doing an update and I noticed a new checkbox I had not seen before in your installation package:


"Replace Windows Disk Defragmenter"


What exactly does this do?


If I have a Windows 7 computer that's already set up to have Windows Disk Defragmenter set up to do regular weekly defrags, does that mean that this is no longer going to work, because Defraggler is installed?


What are the implications of installing Defraggler with this "Replace Windows Disk Defragmenter" option enabled on an Active Directory network where regular defragmentation is managed by Group Policy?

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THis one is as new to me as it is to you Wheat, and the obvious answer is that it appears to completely replace Windows Defragger.


I'm on XP, and with that box checked trying to launch XP's Defragger via the control panel now launches Defraggler. So I'm guessing that any pre-scheduled defrag runs will now actually run Defraggler. That begs the question as to whether or not it will launch "df.exe", the command line version of Defraggler, or "defraggler.exe", the GUI version.


I don't have any scheduled defrags set, so I can't check that myself, so maybe some clarity from the devs, or members who do run scheduled defrags with Windows Defragger, and are prepared to try this.


MHO? Leave the box unchecked.

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I haven't tried it yet, but I hope to soon.

I think if it is replaced, it needs to definitely be the GUI version. I don't know yet which one it is till I test it, but I can tell you that if it is the CMD version, it will be a lot more confusing for users.


With no tray icon to indicate what is going on, users will be hard pressed to even know if something is/has been running as scheduled!


Let's hope it is the GUI version. I will cross my fingers & try it soon.

You raised a good point, Dennis!

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Just Install new version 2.06 &t uncheck the box=) So WIN7 work & Defraggler work too <_<

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