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Anti Malware setup


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If you want to start a new thread about the usage of Steady State please do so. This one is about Anti-Malware setups :)

Thank you, Hazel.


Just wanted to suggest helpfully that although this may not be classified as an antimalware app, if used correctly, it can reduce malware, or eliminate it totally... At least it has so far when I used it. I only said reduce, cause I left it open to the possibility that malware could somehow infiltrate via startup processes, etc, but haven't had that so far.


Course, guess others don't get really technical, so I imagine others may have a different experience...


I just thought multi-layer defense is only logical

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XP Pro, I have :


NIS 2011


WinPatrol Plus

SAS - On Demand

Shadow Defender


Win 7 Ultimate, I have :


Panda Pro 2012


WinPatrol Plus

Zemana Antilogger

Shadow Defender

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Yes, Panda did used to be one of the worst! Errors, slow scanning, lol! I remember those times!


It has good detection rates in the latest test :) take a look at Dynamic test


Full scan still slow in my experience but all I need is real time protection.I ran quick scan after installed then let it go.

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I haven't used Panda since the mid 90s. So you can imagine what it was like then.

wake up my friend. its now 2011 :D Panda now has become lighter.You can try Cloud version that has same definition like paid version.

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  • 1 month later...



Avira and guard






and for occasional anti-rootkit and other scans:




for surfing:


and the 2 addons: NoScript, and Better Privacy.


All costfree software.


And if u ask me about security general: various extra windows settings, disabling unneeded stuff or specially threatposing things like: DCOM, uPnP, RPC nameservice, media sensing, windows data and print share, remote access, telnet, remote registry etc. etc. the list is long.


After all my experience my personal tip: the best security you will only gain under linux, I dont wanna explain in detail cause it would get 2 long, but this far exceeds any protection thats even POSSIBLE under any windows version. If possible get a second harddisk, set your bios to give you the choice to boot between 2 hardisks at startup, 1 is windows, 1 is linux. Use the linux harddisk for surfing, private stuff etc. media also works(trust me, its not that hard, but getting games running is unfortunately nearly impossible, emulating windows software over wine for example is 1 thing, goes often really easy and without bigger problems for advanced users, but games or stuff... forget it really. Its very hard to nearly impossible.), and for games you use windows, and dont connect with the internet with windows, and if like 1 time half a year for updates or so, but generally never connect to the internet with the windows harddisk. And if you want to switch data between linux and windows, no problem, use a external harddisk, linux has no problems working with an NTFS or FAT based harddisk, linux can work with all types. Generally i would ALWAYS recommend a external harddisk, or rather a dockstation, you can put any harddisk in there and connect it to the PC and access it as external hardisk. However because you can store your most important data there, and if you dont connect it to your PC nothing can happen to it. So or so worst case scenario is always: Either through bug or malware, windows crashes, and the data is completely lost, well it is retrievable, you can use the dockstation and put your old harddisk in it, but if its malware, theres always a chance of totall damage and non retrievable dataloss, also the risk to spread the malware through USB connection. Therefore having an external harddisk with the most important data stored is so or so vital, because as said in case of total data loss, you got it all on an external harddisk. Of course if you want to spend the money and deal with the stress, u can have several external harddisks for backup to. So or so i can only recommend a external harddisk, or better a dockstation for all harddisks, since they are also cheap.


I will do the same, as soon as im able to afford another harddisk, i will switch to linux for anything i do online. And for games i will shut down internet, reboot and use windows. After all i have seen from windows security, my oppinion is: It is, on security level, actually INSANE to connect to the internet with any windows version.

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