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The new Version 3.07.1457 collapsed Windows

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To DennisD:

I checked the possibilities of the System Restore which said: "Cannot restore the System, no changes made" and I found out I have to go to some point in deep past. I do not prefere this, it may change my settings and apps.

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To login123:

As I said I am not good in PC and I think I am not completely oriented in the ...showtopic=20120 procedure.


Its easy, just go to the link and follow the instructions. They are pretty much step by step. After you post those logs it asks for, a spyware moderator will read them and see if anything is wrong, then tell you the next steps.


Good luck. :D

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As login says, it isn't as difficult as it may at first seem. The programs you are asked to run produce logs for the Spyware Moderator to look through.


If you have a problem with doing any of them, don't worry. When you start your new topic in Spyware Hell, just copy and paste the logs you've managed to do, and explain anything you haven't managed to do.


The Spyware Moderator is a really friendly guy, and will guide you through everything.

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