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I would like to see the option to allow CCleaner to shut down Windows after Run Cleaner finished, and with the Drive Wiper tool. I sometimes use the Wipe Free Space option when running the cleaner before I shut down for the night, but I don't like having to wait for it to finish to manually shut down. If an option to shut down after finish was added I feel it would be a very appreciated option.

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Looking forward for a checkbox for this as well :)


Thank you

Not possible. Check boxes apply to the operation after launch.


If you have CCleaner located at, for example H:\Utils\CCleaner\

and drag a link from the *.exe to the Desktop and select the link, right click, properties, you will see


A simple edit gives you

H:\Utils\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe /AUTO /SHUTDOWN

then Apply, Close, and it is all set.

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Thanks for showing a nice example of how to use the Auto command, it needs to be repeated :)


Myself would love to see this developed in the settings for CCleaner in future, meaning checkboxes or something else that gives the opportunity for manage shutdown after CCleaner finished a task.


But offcourse, knows for the moment some of this are included when using the shortcut /AUTO /SHUTDOWN


Thanks Alan

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