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Webbrowser + CCleaner = New integration

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Hi Piriform & Co!


Been looking for something that can make CCleaner to start automatically after the browser has been closed down.


Perhaps someone knows a workaround for this or it maybe will bring a new idea for a new feature :)


One thought I had was to use the builtin AUTO feature CCleaner already got and use it together with Windows Task Scheduler. From that point it wouldn't be impossible using a event trigger for run CCleaner directly after the browser window is shutdown but haven't found yet how to do the trigger setting to work.



Another choice would be to use a third-party app like the one in the link but..seems so unnecessary when Windows has this technique already there inside :huh:


Appreciate your help Guys!

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May we never expect this in future versions of CCleaner either?


It seemes there were no interest for this idea after one week passed now :mellow:


Big deal suggesting things when nobody likes anything.


Giving app ;)

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Hi TuttiFrutti.


If by giving app, you mean giving up, then please don't.


All suggestions are appreciated although some don't get a reply, maybe because no one likes the idea but doesn't want to openly disagree, or simply that your post slipped through the net.


It isn't always easy to keep track of all posts, and some are unlucky enough to slip down the page without being answered.


Firstly, I'll have to remove the link from your first post as we can't link to a third party program of that type not officially supported by Piriform (we missed that as well), but your description is clear enough without the link.


The devs do read all these posts, but not even the mods have any idea which suggestions may be adopted at some time in the future. So thanks for taking the time to post your suggestion, and don't hesitate to come back with any others you may think of.


A lot of CCleaner features originate from suggestions by users.


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