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Still some key Chrome items not cleaned

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Have just installed latest version (3.06.1433) and see that some Chrome items are not being cleaned.


Previously (2 versions back, in 3.04.1389), Speed Dial info (in Chrome's Top Sites file), Chrome's History file and Chrome's DNS cache (as evidenced in the dns_prefetching section of Chrome's Preferences file) were not being cleared. As workarounds, I created a batch file that ran Ccleaner with /auto and then deleted both Top Sites and History files. Only way I could address the DNS cache issue was to turn Chrome's DNS pre-fetching feature off and on a couple of times and then leave it off so that Chrome flushed the dns_prefetching section of Preferences and didn't re-populate it.


Latest version of Ccleaner seems to have addressed only the Top Sites issue. I've been deleting the History file as well (in the afore-mentioned manner), with no apparent side effects. Could the History file be deleted by Ccleaner as well please?


As for the DNS cache, I'm not sure how much value this is and whether the Windows DNS cache comes in to effect as well anyhow. But concentrating on the Chrome cache, it would be good if Ccleaner could purge it anyhow, so that Chrome's DNS cache facility can be left turned on with the proviso that any benefit the cache has can only be gleaned between runs of Ccleaner.


BTW, I run WinXP SP3 with latest Chrome.



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