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"Some files where not defragmented" --> Which?

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After marking some files in the defragmented files list and trying to defrag them Defraggler told me:


"SOme files were not defragmented".


How do I find out which exactly/in detail?


Why are they not defragmented?



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They are either locked or you don't have enough free space to defragment them.


To find out which ones were not defragmented you just do a defragment and afterwards analyse your drive again and look at the file list.


Hmm, wouldn't it be easier (for the users) to show the non-defragmented files just after the defragmentation run?

All information is available to Defraggler.


Having to run Defraggler again takes here approx 5-6 minutes and is user unfriendly.


Same with the reason: It would be very helpful to know if it is a locking problem OR a lack of space.


Is it required to have contiguous space for defragmentation or enough free space at all?



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