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Unsure about RAM and other hardware specs

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This might not actually be a bug so this post will probably get moved or something, but I just put Speccy on my own custom PC and I'm posting about the speed of several of my components. My DDR2 800 MHZ RAM is showing as 376 MHZ, not even the 400MHZ I conclude it should be at from reading this forum (I previously had thought that it should show the full 800 MHZ). And in viewing info about the individual slots, all 3 slots (matched DDR2 800, two 1gb sticks and one 512mb stick) show the same discrepancy between (not sure what this is) JEDEC #1 and #2 (see screenshot, though only the first slot is expanded) Is this an issue with the RAM itself or are things actually the way they should be? I'm inclined to believe what Speccy shows me, but I'm not so sure about my hardware itself - I think some of it could easily be at incorrect settings. Another apparent issue is with my CPU. I suppose it can't be absolutely exact, but there seems to be a very slight overclock on both cores. Attached is a screenshot of that as well. If anyone has info or a solution, let me know please.


P.S. If I come across as kind of a noob, well, I'll admit to being one. But that's why I'm asking here. :P



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