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SliTaz on LiveCD or USB (solved)

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So did you dive into Ubuntu on USB?


I made myself a 5gb partition for it on my 2nd internal hard drive ... and it didn't work out very well, so I'm back with the USB version.


But that's another story. :)


Not yet, soon. :)

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2 hours ago, tech expert said:

I'm not a newbie! i just signed in now


You are new to the forum, (and I'm afraid it shows).

You have just replied a 9 years old post, the version of SliTaz being discussed here (v3.0) is well out of date.
SliTaz is now at version 5.0.

Please check the date when a post was last replied to before adding your own replies.
It's shown at the top of every post made.

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