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What is this file being defrafgged on C: drive


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My one Win 7 Pro 32bit machine seems to be much slower than my other 3 machines. I noticed today while defragging this PC that the system seems to also be defragging a network drive that contains all downloaded program/application setup/install files


I use HOME_DESKTOP as a network drive (G:) to help keep my PC's uncluttered with duplicate application setup/install files.


Is this Win 7 32 bit PC actually defragging the G: drive (on different PC setup) while defragging the C: drive on this PC ?


And if so...how do I prevent this ?


None of the other 4 PC's auto defrag the Networked G: drive when running a full C: drive defrag ?


I am not caching any of the drives in Options




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The top of the GUI is definitely appearing to defrag something on the C: drive, although I see what you mean from the path displayed in the bottom window of the GUI.


Although this may sound like I know what I'm talking, I'm not very clued up on this, but, I'm wondering if you have any "Folder Junctions" or similar set up. Re-directs to System Folders such as "My Music" (XP name) which you've physically relocated to another drive or partition?


One or two of the other guys are knowledgeable about this type of thing if this is the case. If not, plan B hasn't materialised yet.

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