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CCleaner pre-installation onto commercially pre-built PC's?


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I'm starting a technology services company which will mainly focus on repairing and building PC's for people, but also does wireless and home network setups. We want our PC's (both ones we build and ones we repair) to be extremely functional from the get-go while also excelling in usability. I feel that pretty much everyone agrees that the HPs and Dells of the world come with far too much software pre-installed, and this software is typically resource-heavy AND offers limited functionality in hopes that the user purchases a more "feature complete" version. CCleaner (in my mind) does far more than does Windows built-in "Disk Cleanup," and Defraggler is a great disk defragmentater with a nice user interface and great results. They're also schedule-able through the command line, which is pretty nice.


Anyways, I note that the EULAs for CCleaner and Defraggler aren't General Public Licenses, which automatically permit the requests I'm about to put forth: Can I freely pre-install CCleaner and Defraggler onto computers that I build and/or repair for customers of mine in a commercial capacity? IE, could I, for a PC that I build myself and receive monetary compensation for, freely pre-install CCleaner and Defraggler onto it for my customer to use?

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Thanks! I received a prompt reply from Piriform, saying that I am in the clear to do this for my clients provided that I do not charge for the software. I charge for the service of repair and construction of PC's, which is acceptable. I'd advise any users doing the same thing kroozer suggested, to e-mail Piriform directly about this issue just so that they have their own copy of Piriform's permission to distribute the software.


Piriform, you rock. Keep on making this software, it's great.

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Perhaps you could reward Piriform by giving them the headache of your more adventurous customers.

Give your customers a link to purchase paid support from Piriform

Win-Win for everyone.

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