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3.05.1408 Unexpected Error


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Thank you for distributing CCleaner as Freeware. I have been using the portable version since so way back when I forget when that was. :)

Today with 3.05.1408 I experienced the first-ever error when doing a Cleaner; as Analyze or Run Cleaner.

See the attached screenshot.

If I uncheck IE cookies, then I get this:


If I ucheck that, I get:

VA=%locallowappdata%\Apple Computer\quicktime\downloads|*.*|RECURSE

If I uncheck that, I get... well, it just keeps on going, erroring at another VA and another.

I can click Close and CCleaner will continue to 100% but if Cleaner is run again, the error persists.

I reverted to 3.04.1389.



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When I attempt to use the Cookies Intelligent Scan a fatal error occurs (see attached screen capture).




I was unable to use CCleaner's error reporting feature because it then crashed.


I am using the installer version.

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Can you guys post the following info?


- Windows version(s) affected

- SP (Service Pack) number

- Amount of system RAM

- Amount of free disk space


This really helps.


- Windows version because different versions have different things that could cause problems

- Service Pack version, because some service packs work better than others

- System Ram, because low ram may cause problems

- Free disk space because I have seen people try to run windows with 95% drive space (or more) full



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- Windows version(s) affected: Windows XP Home

- SP (Service Pack) number: SP3

- Amount of system RAM: 2 GB

- Amount of free disk space: 82.3 GB

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Confirmed that issue persists in 3.05.1409 portable same as in my first post above and as described by Stevie2507, w8sdz and... all those others.

v3.04.1389 portable still works OK.

Thank you.

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Confirmed: 3.06.1433 portable works without error.


While I previously reported 3.04.1389 worked OK, factually the AVG cleaning still failed (though fixed in 3.05.1408/1409). However, it too is OK in 3.06.1433.


Good work and... THANK YOU!!

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