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CCleaner keep moving my Temporary Internet Files folder!

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Ok I been beating my head trying to find out what has been moving my Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History folder. After much troubleshooting I realized the moment I use CCleaner it moves it from C:\Documents and Settings\<profile name>\Local Settings to my Temp folder location that I have set to C:\Temp. This is a CRITICAL bug causing alot of problems with my temp folder and history saving. I am currently going to look search for an old version that DOES NOT break my Temporary Internet Files location.


Windows XP Sp3

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Yes I have noticed this too, but I can't reproduce it always. For me, after logout or reboot the folders change back to their normal locations.


Version 3.00.1310 is the latest version without this behavior. I think this problem happens because of the way CCleaner handles Index.dat files when cleaning cookies in newer versions.

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Thanks for the info on the latest version I can run safely. Hope they fix it soon. This was driving me nuts thinking I might have some type of malware that I was not able to locate on my system.

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I've been using CCleaner going on seven years now and have never noticed it doing that. However I know back in the Win98 era there was some bug either in the operating system itself or Internet Explorer that could randomly cause the locations to change without notice.

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No one knows what anyone else is doing.


Are you cleaning junk files, or cleaning registry settings ?


%TMP% and %TEMP% are defined by different parts of the registry in XP,

and I am sure that Vista onwards is no less confusing.

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No I haven't but will try that and see what the result is.

You should also disable 'Cookies' and 'History'. CCleaner deletes most of the Index.dat files when these options are selected.

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Exactly the same thing happened to me yesterday. I explained all here http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/987215-temporary-internet-files-gone-weird.html

I used CCleaner to delete TIF and ended up with new TIF, History and Cookies folders in my local settings/temp folder. As if that didn't make things bad enough, (ie Content.ie5 folders in the new Temp TIF folder and the ordinary TIF entries in the old original local settings/TIF folder, the new Temp Cookies file working but the old one not, the new History folder not working while the old one still is)....... like a fool today I used CCeaner to clear cookies to see what would happen. Guess what. Back in Windows Explorer it's all moved around again. Now the old TIF folder is inside the new Temp/Cookies folder. And the new Temp/History folder now has another History file inside it and inside of that is another MSHIST*** file! None of which appear to be working.

And I only deleted my TIF yesterday to see if it would solve a slow shutdown problem.

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Windows XP SP3 with IE6... Because I only use Firefox with IE Tab.


Post removed.


Alan MrT has requested posters with this issue give their version of IE.

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Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation of why this could happen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temporary_Internet_Files


On Windows XP, the cache is usually located at %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files (where %USERPROFILE% is an environment variable pointing to the root directory of the logged-in user's user profile). However, the cache may be moved by changing a value in the registry. Occasionally an additional (hidden) cache named "Temporary Internet Files" may appear in %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files or in %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. This location can only be deleted by manually accessing the folder and removing it.


One scenario that often (albeit not always) leads to the occurrence of this phenomenon proceeds as follows:

  1. User A runs Internet Explorer from his own account, but under the credentials of user B. This is achieved by using the runas command, e.g. runas /user:B iexplore.exe. The functionality of runas is provided and supported by Windows XP Secondary Logon service.
  2. User A quits Internet Explorer and logs out of his account. However, due to a bug in Windows XP, the svchost.exe process that hosts the Secondary Logon service retains the ownership of critical Internet Explorer data files belonging to user B and located in B's profile directories (for example, index.dat file located in %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 directory). For this reason these files remain inaccessible for writing.
  3. User B logs into his account and runs Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is unable to obtain write access to the aforementioned files, which makes it quietly recreate the supporting directories under the current %TEMP% location as a fail-safe measure. The data from the original directories is not copied to the new ones. Internet Explorer will continue to use the directories under %TEMP% until the files at the original location become writable again.

So it's "fail-safe measure" build in IE.


Now I'm not quite sure why CCleaner causes the fail-safe folders to be created, but I think it happens because CCleaner blocks the access to index.dat files when it's wiping them, thus triggering the fail-safe when the system try to gain access to the index.dat files. IE doesn't need to be running for this to happen because the index.dat files are always on use by other components of the system.

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Hey thanks TheOdds! That definitely appears to be a darned good explanation of what's been going on. And the 'logging out/in' bit also seems to have a bearing in my case. Perhaps. In that ever since I deleted my TIF and things went pear-shaped, every time I've tried to delete any of these new folders from my Temp folder I am made to log out and log in again for the deletions to take effect. Supposedly take effect because more often than not, but not always, the deleted folders are still there when I log back in. My point is, until this happened I've never ever been logged out and made to log back in after deleting stuff, and at the most been told to restart. But not log out and in again. This is completely new to me. Could it be a sign that my security settings have been changed or something? I was in fact, a few minutes ago, successful in moving my Content.ie5 folders back to their original place and deleting the newly made TIF and Cookies folder from the Temp folder. Even though they both contained index.dat files. Maybe this was because XP took a couple of days to 'right' itself. Now I'm just left with a redundant History folder (containing another History folder containing several MSHIST*** files and all containing their own index.dat files) sitting in my Temp folder. This still doesn't want to budge. I can live with that. I don't think I'll use CCleaner to delete my TIF again though.

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Not seeing this at all.. I am running the older version like stated above and I am not seeing this issue at all.. I also noticed when this happened the original temporary internet files is no longer located in the local settings folder so their is not two of them but a single one that has been moved by the new CCleaner. This is a bug in the latest CCleaner that moves temporary internet folders and cookies from the default folders in Windows XP. I only have a single account that I use or ever login to though I do have a backup profile in case of profile corruption than I can login to that unused account. CCleaner v3.00.1310 does not affect the folder location. The moment I use the new version I can view internet properties and find the folder location has been changed to my temp folder, which indicates it's being moved to %Temp% or %Tmp% not sure which as I have both go to C:\Temp to easily keep my temp folders managed easily.

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Just recently downloaded/installed:

CCleaner v3.04.1389


Vista Ultimate/IE9

IE9 installed March 14, 2011


Was using older version of CCleaner and with IE9, it would

not keep me signed-in to websites even though it worked fine

with IE8.


New version keeping me signed in but doesn't clean Temporary

Internet Files and Index.dat in this location:

C:\Users\ -User Account-\AppData\Local\temp\Temporary Internet Files


Cookies,History,TIF were all moved recently, not sure if related to

IE9 or to new version of CCleaner. Old location was here:


C:\Users\ -User Account-\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\

Temporary Internet Files


When you access TIF through Internet Options, everything is deleted,

except for cookies designated to keep:


C:\Users\ -User Account-\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary

Internet Files


Items checked off for cleaning with CCleaner Under:


Internet Explorer heading - everything checked

except saved passwords


Windows Explorer heading - everything checked


System heading - everything checked down to and

including Windows Log Files


Advanced heading - two items: Old Prefetch Data and

Custom Files And Folders.


Let me know what steps to follow to fix.

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Because I only use Firefox with IE Tab.


Yet again - I repeat a warning I received and heeded years ago :-


IE TAB is NOT a safe Addon - it is a Gateway to Hell of IE vulnerabilities.

Phrases I vaguely recall include "IE Rendering Engine" and "Trident - the GUTS of I.E."


That is what I have been told.

I fully appreciate that my warning is totally unrelated to the topic,

but I thought it appropriate to issue a warning of an unexpected danger.


I am open to correction,

in which case please tell me and dispel needless fears which others have shared with me,

BUT PLEASE do not strike out my post as if it is dangerous heresy ! !




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Well I only use it for a single site because I don't use IE.. only for the bank billpay page.. that is the only site I use that requires IE. Oh and also the Microsoft download site.. not a single else do I use IE for.

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  • Bug Fixers

mrbarty, Do you have the latest XP service pack installed? If not, would you be able to install the latest one?


molitar, Can you update to latest IE version?


Please, anyone else experiencing this problem post your OS (including Service Pack info) and IE version.



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  • Moderators

The thing is it doesn't matter if you use IE. The releases are security releases on top of feature releases. IE whether you like it or not is the guts of a windows OS. Trident (as Alan mentioned) is used by many programs.


While Alan's warning, to me is a bunch of over-inflated Firefox propaganda, in truth it and Mr T's question brought out the truth of the matter.


You need to keep your internet explorer up-to-date


Especially if your problem has to do with updates Microsoft pulled to make ie6 even slightly safe


MR. T is an official bug tester. . . that means if you want your problem to go away you need to give him the information he asked. . . and all other members need to remember that this is an official forum for a software and NOT to digress the conversation into things like don't use X Y or Z.


'Nuff Said


Finally even if you refuse to upgrade IE and keep ie6 and even if you have windows 98, MR. T needs to know so they can test it so again. Please tell us your Windows and IE version.






Do your Registry Cleaning in small bits (at the very least Check-mark by Check-mark)


CCLEANER, RECUVA, DEFRAGGLER AND SPECCY DOCUMENTATION CAN BE FOUND AT  https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us and  https://www.ccleaner.com/docs

Pro users file a PRIORITY SUPPORT request at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

link to WINAPP2.INI explanation

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