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3.04 doesn't find all items checked in setup


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V3.04 installed in Vista x64 - didn't seem to find nearly the amount of items it normally would. Hadn't run it for a while - that looked suspicious. All my settings were same as prev. ver, 3.03.


Had Empty Recyle Bin checked, but it did NOT empty when ran CC from main UI. (one example) It didn't even show there were files to be erased in the bin after running analysis from main UI. Lots of other files I know were there that didn't show up after analysis.


Then opened recycle bin (there were files) & "Run CCleaner." It opened the main UI (I closed prgm earlier) & appeared to find additional items running it from recycle bin, that it didn't find 5 min earlier. This time it did clear recycle bin.


Another question: If in settings, choose secure deletion of files, does it also securely clear (wipe) the recycle bin? Didn't seem to take it long enough to over write the files - as if it just insecurely deleted them.



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