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Add option 'Move files/folders to beginning'


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Please, add option 'Move files/folders to beginning' in same way 'Move large files to end' option do.


It must permit to add specific folders (and its files and sub-folders) and specific files (like pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys).



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Defragger has the following for freespace: "defrag freespace" and "defrag freespace (allow fragmentation)".

Defrag freespace moves all files to the start of the disk in contiguous blocks therefore this option should satisfy his request.

As for Defrag freespace (allow fragmentation) this moves files but breaks them into fragments (as indicated in the title).


Richard S.

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Defragger has the following for freespace: "defrag freespace" and "defrag freespace (allow fragmentation)"


I regularly use "Defrag Freespace" and it is not doing that for me (think someone else reported similar), Windows 7 64 bit.


The point is though, that compaction is already done by full defrag; there's an option to "Move Large Files" by a selection criteria to end of disk, but howwever there's no analagous way of selecting files to be preferentially moved to beginning of disk, before all the mass after compaction. I can imagine some people wanting maximum sequential read speed on some large files for example, or localising a folder and small files to be close together on disk via such a feature.


As it stands, you'ld need to reuse a seperate partition on early part of disk; and it might be very difficult to create such a space, if Windows C: drive is installed in the most common way.

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I think it would be better to have the option to select an optimized filter on Defraggler.


Such as if you apply the "optimized" filter, it will do the following:



- Move the page file to the beginning of the drive, with 3x the space needed (allow for ram updates etc)

- Move Windows/Program Files/Documents & Settings folder to the beginning of the drive (in that order)

- System Restore points

- Recycler



* Windows folder changes, but not as much as the other 2

* Program Files folder changes a lot, but perhaps not as much as Documents & Settings does



Allow slack for each area.


Users should be able to select (& save) how much space they want to allow as slack (MB & GB increments)


For instance, in the filter list, it would be similar to:


Windows (Drop down selector box for space to allow)

Program files (same box type)

Documents & Settings or Users (Same selector type box)

System Restore (same box)

Recycler (same box)



This would be great, because even though files do frag over time, at least if the areas that fragment less are placed at the beginning of the drive first, it will take a lot longer for Windows to slow down


The pattern would be optimized, because the ones that change the most would be oriented closer to the free space, while the lesser changed stay in a single location most of the time. Recycler would be closest to the free space area since it can easily get large numbers of files, with system restore right behind it since it can use several GB too over time, but not as rapidly as recycler is capable of.



I would consider this to be very optimized, because everyone knows that the most commonly changed folders are not usually the Windows ones, but the user ones such as program files/documents/restore/recycler. So why not put the least changed first, and the most changed last?


I would love to know what you all think!

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- No. Defraggler still hasn't that option.

- You can use the "Defragment Free Space" option in combination of the "Exclude" option. But I am not too keen on using this option because this option also moves some files - located in folders that are excluded - towards the beginning of the disk. At that point the program code has to be improved as well. But I fear that Windows is somehow interfering with this option.

System setup: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/gcNzIPEjEb0B2khOOBVCHPc


A discussion always stimulates the braincells !!!

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