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not understand recuva


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Hello everyone.


is a month that the PC is very bad: I always have to defragment, and the DVD player was reading wrong. now the DVD player does not read his more ... I downloaded Recuva then, but I do not understand much. I selected all the rectangles in the options and put 35 passes.

I made the disk partition, trying something on the disc. My idea did not work. I now have the files in two disks, but I would like that she might become one. ie I want it to move all the files in a single drive.

I find the files that have no path. many of the files I know them and have a game, but Recuva says he does not know its destination or many files are replaced with files that have nothing to do with that game.

how do I retrieve all in one disc and not find myself unknown folders? What is safe to overwrite highlighted? Apart from zero to recover all files and locked files, without compromising the system?

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no. on disk c. i have maked disk f but i want unite all two disk in 1. because i have low space. i have tested your program, but now i have half program in c and in f. before, partition, was all in one. i want recouver file deleted in c. i have many file overwriten. i think they are virus. i cant loed dvd. i want overwriten this file overwriten, but i cant, because they recouver in unknown file. i want recouver in ur position . i have for example this file: file game overwritten other file game. or other position.

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