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RAM Identification Problem

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I have a Samsung N150 Plus with a Dual Core Intel Atom 1.50GhZ processor. It requires DDR3 memory and I have a 2GB stick installed.


Under the memory tab in RAM it states it is DDR2m yet under the Slot #1 tab, it states it is



I have attached a screenshot






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I have a new custom-built Windows 7, 64-bit desktop using Intel Desktop board DH55PJ, Intel i5-760 Quad Core 2.80 Ghz processor and 8 Gb Kingston (2-4 Gb modules) DDR3 SDRAM.


One of the RAM modules has failed:


  • Windows reported the failure by listing only 4 Gb RAM in "Control Panel >> System"
  • Topala Software's "System Information for Windows" build 0714g reports only 4030 Mb of system memory in its "System Summary"
  • Speccy v1.09.231 reports 1 ram slot as unused but also reports available memory at 8060 Mb

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