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Suggestion: SET*.tmp files in XP %WinDir%

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This has probably already been suggested but is there any way to add these 3 TMP files that are created in %WinDir% of XP?




It has probably not been added because you guys may not be sure what the files are, but I did some investigating and they are nothing but CAT files that are already installed no longer needed.


Here are the results (you can compare/verify the results yourself)


; XP SP3 Spanish
SET3.tmp = SP3.CAT = md5: 6dda25bd2f3240a5c4fa68cc41cc88df
SET4.tmp = NTPRINT.CAT = md5: 10d15250c354874754510a9e9617d243
SET5.tmp = IMS.CAT = md5: 721fdb6972400de8b18fdcac52bf6158


So please add these useless files for cleaning (maybe the temp cleaning function is a good place for it), it will save 2.24 MB of disk space



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