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Welcome to all,


in my life CCleaner is a standard tool of each Windows-installation and it's very good ;-)


(1) I miss an update function like in the vlc player (auto update -> deinstallation -> installation),

because I have to choose (others not...) where I download the file and after the installation I have to delete it by hand.


(2) Why it is only possible to autostart the cleaning progress on startup and not on shutdown and

the registry cleaner isn't usable in the autostart function?

I know shutdown scripts...


(3) I often unzip compressed folders, but I forget sometimes to delete the archives (*.rar or *.zip) and that's why I

have both things. A function could be in CCleaner:


foldername = "pictures" and archive = "pictures.zip" => delete "pictures.zip" (if identical)


(4) Some people doesn't use wallpapers, screensavers, windows-sounds, windows-themes, or special cursors.

CCleaner could delete these files.


(5) Tools/software have a support of different languages, but we need in general only one. CCleaner could

check all programs to a language folder and then clean unessential files.




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1) The feature has been suggested a lot of times before and it looks like it won't be implemented for good reasons maybe.

2) I'm sure its possible using Run commands etc.

3) Some people (many, in fact) like having both around and this might cause unwanted data loss.

4) It's not up to CCleaner to decide what's needed and what's not. You can do this manually, look it up on the web.

5) Sorry, I didn't get you on that one mate.


Welcome to the forums, Roman. :)

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I experimented and this is how you run CCleaner at start up. Add a CCleaner shortcut to your start up folder then right click on the shortcut.


Target should be something like:

"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO

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