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MSE and Windows Defender


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When I got my new pooter last year I eventually installed Microsoft Security Essentials. Then I turned on Windows Defender and things went a little caacaa coocoo. So I turned off Defender. I don't get why 2 MS apps would be so mean to each other. :huh:

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Ah. Thanks Andavari. I guess it did disable Defender when I installed it but then I tried to turn it back on. Took a bit of Catch22 anti-manipulating to get it turned back off again. It was weird.

MSE should have something very big and prominent displayed about Defender conflicts before beginning/continuing installation.

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Andavaris' link mentioned that 64-bit Windows don't have any option to uninstall Defender so the best it could do was deactivate it. But I did not know that. I had no way of knowing that. Thus the big plastered billboard suggestion.


Oh, hi Andavari! :lol:

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